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Futabu!!: vol.2

Only one episode has been released for this series so far. This review does not reflect the entire series rather than the first episode and what I understood from it.If you've watched the prequel to this series then you're going to LOVE this series. 1st episode: Hot springs + Futanari is a MUST.First off I'd like to start off with how BEAUTIFUL the art is for this series is. It's completely detailed to every little point. It adds on to each character's unique personality. [Watch it to find out, you'll understand what I mean ;)My favourite character in the series so far is actually the girl without a penis, Akane Niimura. Her craving to understand penises even though it doesn't have to be on a male body is somewhat like us trying to understand what futanari is. Granted there are a lot of people in the world who would see this and be like what the fuck are you into? However, this is just more than that. She represents all of us watching this and in that we can sort of see ourselves in this series.What I like about this series is that there is no story. Yet in my view, there doesn't have to be a story or some sort of plot with this type of genre. Heck even if there was, it would have made this series that much better to watch.The characters all have their own representation of emotions and psychological profiles. [Not to be confused with the idea that this is a psycho-anime] What I mean is every character exemplifies a profile we see in people. For example, Mao Asakura (club president) represents the sexual innocence of man. Another example would be Ai Aihara (green-haired girl) who represents the explosive, energetic out-going nature. All of these profiles sort of "clash" with each other when a sex scene occurs and more about the characters personality and their hidden traits are revealed during these scenes.Honestly, I love this series and I can't wait for more episodes to come out. But you don't have take my word for it. :)

Duration: 21 min

Censorship: Yes

Added: 13-05-2015

Release Year: 2015


Subt: -

Categorie(s): Big Tits, Group, Anal, Futanari

Genre(s): Adventure


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