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Wanna Spartan Sex Spermax: vol.1

Wanna do? The schoolboy Koya Kubozuka that goes to famous boys school, Kentodoro educational institution as a bad school in the neighborhood. It extremely spends and it enjoys every day to bad friends. However, It was a little bored recently. Are not you interested something...? Though it makes fun of the classmate who is the figure like the girl the other day and it played, The classmate has not existed before one is aware. I was troubled, Is not there some interesting thing? I want the stimulation that is new to a brain. When thinking of such a thing, Guys who were anxious in surroundings showed up. One person, who has been moving in to the school, the girls seem to be at first glance underclassman. One person, is the famous prep - Aki - high school girls are attending. One person, Busty college student comes to learning education Shiori. This seems to be able to change the feeling that is boring. Koya was like a boy you got excited about the beetle. Restroom of manga cafe. Nagisa Kiryu person tucked into the chest that grew up richly bleached cotton. What is the that reason to the point of disguising oneself as a man to the Kentodoro educational institution of notorious delinquent? To clarify the mystery of the disappearance event of the male cousin Yoshiyuki Tanabe to become loved dearly calling Oni-chan. Nagisa that succeeds in moving in only in the documentary examination, It variously examines in the educational institution and it turns. On the other hand, that time. It is an old friend of Yoshiyuki. Chikage that commutes to a famous eikou educational institution in the honorable lady school also. It searched for the whereabouts of Yoshiyuki. Because when oneself had the responsibility that had cornered Yoshiyuki who showed a slight school refusal, I felt it... The grade is not fragrant though it is yearning to the occupation of teacher, Somehow the Hiura Shiori that installs the student teaching of Kentodoro educational institution, Every day that endures students ?violated by eyes" is spent. The stage, Delinquent school Kentodoro educational institution where giving way of hand doesn exist. To the den of a delinquents, Three women who are and will approach reason. Women who have walked on a different road, Kentodoro educational institution and like being attracted to magnetism named Yoshiyuki Tanabe of features like the woman. A woman and delinquents who behave like a dog if look can have their eyes on them... The thing to teach the whereabouts of Yoshiyuki to food, The desire that was able to be painted on cloudiness way of the toy infringes on their bodies, There is no exhausted thing and it attacks it one after another.

Duration: 29 min

Censorship: Yes

Added: 03-03-2013

Release Year: 2013



Categorie(s): Big Tits, Bondage, Bukkake

Genre(s): Drama, Campus


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