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The Boundary Between Dream and Reality: vol.3

Sonya,who can only watch as Chenwu and Hitomi join together. Sonya, who can only cradle her feelings as Chenwu does not even give her a glance. Greed Eri, approaches Sonya with a fearless grin?K Muna, and Awudalupe making love appears in the back of here mind. Sonya, led by Eri, watched this only to have her feelings escalated. At that moment, Eri grabbed Sonya her splendid thing. Sonya turns out to be the bisexual Maya. Maya, who was like an angel with wings, possessed voluptuous breasts and an intensely splendid thing. Sonya's whole body starts quivering as her excitement grows. At the same time, three of them climax. Then, Sonya becomes the female and male parts. While Sonya was falling for Greed's trap, who was that mysterious figure that appeared. And, what's the meaning of the flash from the ring and when Greed ran off saying, " You are not Awudalupe"...!

Duration: 27 min

Censorship: No

Added: 05-01-2010

Release Year: 2000



Categorie(s): Group, Futanari, Lesbian

Genre(s): Adventure, Fantasy


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