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Oni Chichi Rebuild: vol.1

Based on the erotic game by Blue Gale. Oni Chichi Rebuild is the 4th Oni Chichi season and I'll be doing a quick review. It is just as great as its prequel Reborn, if not even better. :D Most of you are probably familiar with the story behind Oni Chichi. In addition to Airi, Marina, and Takami, the plot has expanded to include Airi and Marina's relative Kayako and a new girl called Yuka. Sweeeeet :P What I LOVE about Rebuild is it combines both elements of the Original and Reborn. It has the same CUTE humor from Reborn while also the PASSION from the Original. Rebuild started off like Reborn. The girls accepts Papa for what he is, a horny pervert. Papa was fairly easygoing as he cuddles up to have sex with Airi who light-heartedly defies him, but accepts cause she knows he can't hold back his pervertedness. There are several light-hearted sex scenes with Airi and Papa which includes swimsuit scenes and ALL are very well done. But then Papa goes on a rampage after Airi accuses him of cheating on a new girl. He is angry with Airi, being very rough, and it returned to the dark side of Oni Chichi. This super hooked me in cause he's gonna punish the disobedient Airi. The contrast of Papa's attitude made Papa's dark side that much more pulsing to watch. Episode 1 ended in a great cliffhanger. Rebuild definitely has the potential to be even better than Reborn. I absolutely cannot wait for episode 2 :DDD

Duration: 29 min

Censorship: Yes

Added: 03-02-2014

Release Year: 2013



Categorie(s): Big Tits

Genre(s): Campus


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