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Namanaka Hyaku Percent: vol.1

This was a good H, but I thought it could've been better in the sense of its animation, though better than quite some few out there right now, still enjoyable. So let's get the low down on this H. The story revolves around this guy name Tooya, who works at a convenient store who finds this girl name Akane attractive. The story, however, throws in another factor to build this interaction between the two by using shoelaces or Shinpa (they look like shoelaces) of different colors which people wear to show mutual sexual preferences of people in their areas. So Tooya sees Akane holds the blue shoelace which means that she's only aroused by cosplay sex, which Tooya is very interested in. They're both perverts essentially. They quickly throw in their interaction of them finding out about this cosplay plot and bam, gets to the sex scene. The characters are decent, Akane is lewd but funny pervert and Tooya, just a pervert. And then they throw in the milf named Natsumi who is I'd say, eccentric, but a nice touch into this mixture. She's also the apartment manager! She also has a shinpa and notices that Tooya has one also. Anyways, without spoiling anything, the series is more fun to watch than fap material. Arts nice, it's not bland. Characters are mixed in personalities. Sound is alright. Story, not bad, not great, I.E. Eroge! (Great Plot) Anyways, it's enjoyable.

Duration: 23 min

Censorship: Yes

Added: 04-12-2012

Release Year: 2012



Categorie(s): Big Tits

Genre(s): Adventure, Comedy


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