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Mija: vol. 2

Sara is shocked to learn that her destiny is to become warrior for Raphael and battle the goddess of lust, Mija. The pendant she carries, passed on for generations in her family, is the proof of her destiny. Knowing that Mija's preferred prey are restless girl, Sara again sets out for battle, Masquerading as a substitute school teacher. When she arrives at the school, Mija's power has already taken hold over its students. The school is rife with cum drenched orgies and vicios sex actions. Sara falls for a kind teacher, Mr. Endo. However, he soon falls under Mija's spell after Hikaru seduces him into a carnal romp while under Mija's influence. Using Mr. Endo as bait, Mija lures Sara into her realm,and she is repeatedly broke by the bewitched Mr. Endo as well as other male students! After overseeing Sara's marathon gangbang session, Mija is preparing to meet her nenesis once and for all! Will Sara escape with her life? What is the power of her pendant?

Duration: 28 min

Censorship: No

Added: 20-03-2008

Release Year: 2001


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