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Keraku-no-Oh: vol. 2

Ryouchi has only revenge and hatred in mind. Suffering from brain damage during a accident, he is mercilessly bullied by his classmates, and he spends his days in lonely isolation. When Chihiro, his friend, comes back to town, his life changes dramatically.. He sets out on a carnal journey of revenge after he learns that his cock is infallible, in both size and duration! All women that disdained him will become his prey! Kanata is a school bully, and the judo captain. He vows to get her after tolerating beatings by her and her cronies. He discovers Kanata's desire for multiple penetration, and the whole judo team helps him with his revenge in a torrid gangbang! The school nurse, Miyako, is his other target. It's time for the sexy, cool blonde with a sadistic streak to pay for her insolence with a hardcore threesome! A shocking tale of revenge and desire!

Duration: 27 min

Censorship: No

Added: 27-11-2008

Release Year: 2002


Subt: -


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