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During the soccer game, men's cheerlading teams leader 'Okawa' is found that he is a woman. ALl the members resist her only because she is a girl. A vice-leader Doshima suggests one condition. If she can keep holding the team flag during the game with a vibrator in her pussy, then they will admitt her as a leader. She wants to remain as a leader but she response to a vibrator. Doshima is laughing at her watchng her face turns red. However, Ryo kept holding the flag. During she is taking shower after the game, Doshima comes and gives her a girl's cheerleading uniform. She gets mad, but Doshima says "You have to understand both men's and women's cheerleading if you want to remain as a leader" . At the girl's team, she can't wear panties and moves her kegs up to show her pussy to everybody. At the next ragby game, Doshima commands her to put a vibrator again during the whole game. The game is close to the ending, she almost losts her mind. When she wakes up, she us surrounded by a naked men's members...

Duration: 25 min

Censorship: No

Added: 27-11-2008

Release Year: 2002


Subt: -


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