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Kamyla: vol. 2

Special Agents Lily, Agatha and Koyomi are hot on the trail of a criminal ringleader of the human trade, Lead Suits. During an armed confrontation with criminals, Agatha finds herself under the lascivious spell of Kamyla. The lusty side effects seem to increase daily.... Unable to control herself, Agatha starts to masturbate at the crime scene.... Agatha soon finds that one of the men she has arrested, Denzel Call, is a high-ranking member in Lead's organization. When Agatha and Koyomi enter the interrogation room to speak with Denzel, he insists on only speaking with Agatha. After Koyomi leaves the room, Denzel tells Agatha the truth about Kamyla. As Agatha listens, she is drawn into a sexual frenzy, and ends up in a torrid romp with the criminal. Denzel reveals the location of Lead suits, and Agatha and Koyomi are immediately on their way to apprehend Lead and bring him back to their headquarters. Agatha positions herself to storm the building, while Koyomi positions herself to secure the area. However, Lead's bodyguards capture Koyomi, and Agatha falls right into Lead's trap. A shocking future awaits both Koyomi and Agatha...

Duration: 26 min

Censorship: No

Added: 14-06-2009

Release Year: 2002


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