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Discipline: vol. 2

Welcome to the all-girls dormitory! It felt like heaven when Takuro Hayami first transferred to St. Alcadia School with its all girls dormitory! The babes are luscious and Saori Otokawa, the caretaker, is the hottest of them all. Being extravagantly welcomed by the girls, his expectations for a heavenly school life were huge. But his bubble began to burst when the beautiful but malicious Morimoto friends, who actually control the school, try and control Takuro when they discover his hidden "Ultimate Sex Power." Lesson 2: Girl's Battle Royal has Begun! Reona Morimoto, who controls the school, solicits Takuro to join her "Social Club." Her only intention is to have his "Ultimate sex Power" just for herself. He refuses with all his might, but rumor about his sexual power has spread in the school. Now, aside from the "Social Club," the Tennis, Swimming and other clubs started soliciting Takuro! Irritated, Reona imprisons Takuro's love interest, Saori, to lure Takuro into visiting her club.

Duration: 27 min

Censorship: No

Added: 15-09-2008

Release Year: 2003



Categorie(s): Big Tits, Group

Genre(s): Drama


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