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2x1: vol. 2

A sad story about two boys and two girls... The episode begins with Miyuki upset about Ieda and Noriko. in love with Ieda, Miyuki asks him what's going on. Hearing that Ieda likes Noriko, Miyuki visits Noriko and witnesses Noriko and Akiyama kissing. Growing even more upset, Miyuki demands that Noriko break up with Akiyama and that's when Noriko gets confused and ends up sexually harassing Miyuki. At school, the girls are now talking about Noriko, calling her a slut who dates three guys at once. Ieda and Akiyama stand up for Noriko and declare that they're just close friends and there's nothing wrong with that. The story ends with Ieda, Akiyama, and Noriko continuing to be close friends, while Miyuki comes to accept the fact that she will never be Ieda's lover.

Duration: 25 min

Censorship: No

Added: 10-11-2007

Release Year: 1998


Subt: -

Categorie(s): Group, Lesbian

Genre(s): Romance


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